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Mapcode Foundation

The Mapcode Foundation is a non-profit foundation, established in The Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce RSIN registration number 852726284), which holds all the patents, rights, brands, designs, properties, collateral, algorithms, data tables and IP related to mapcodes. 


The purpose of the Mapcode Foundation is to foster mapcodes as a standard of public location encoding, and to provide, support, distribute and stimulate the use of mapcodes, free of charge, as widely as possible.


The Mapcode Foundation is the only authorized entity that is allowed to maintain, change or adapt its software or tables.


The management of the Mapcode Foundation includes:

  • Pieter Geelen (co-founder of TomTom) - Chairman of the Board

  • Mark-Jan Sweers (Sr. Customer Experience Excellence Lead, Maersk) - Board Member

  • Hugo van der Linde (CEO Deltilo Venture Management, CEO AND) - Board Member
  • Rijn Buve (Fellow at TomTom) - Managing Director

Board members and the managing director do not receive any remuneration for their activities.

Advisory board

  • J. Kim Fennell (CEO, deCarta, Head LBS, Uber)

  • John Randall Copple (CEO Sanborn Maps)

  • John Reynard (president EMEA & India, Cyient)

  • Alain de Taeye (founder of Tele Atlas, Board member TomTom)

Advisory Board members do not receive any remuneration for their activities.

Objectives and policy

The Mapcode Foundation was established in April, 2013. The purpose of the Foundation is to fulfil a social role in the international society and to contribute to the greater good by means of non-profit maintaining, providing, distributing, and stimulating the use and global adoption of the Mapcode system, its algorithms, data tables, software, applications, tools, services, websites and web services as a new standard for a worldwide encoding system that allows any location on the surface of the earth to be represented by a short easily recognizable and memorable code.

By offering Mapcode as a standard and structured addressing system free of charge the Foundation, as a non-profit organisation, will make locations for all citizens, dwellings and businesses in cities without street names or formal addressing systems throughout the globe in regions such as Asia, China, Russia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Canada addressable. And therefore the Foundation strongly believes that humanity would gain by Mapcode, especially the people in emerging economies.


The purpose of the Foundation furthermore comprises the engagement in any and all activities which are connected with the above or may be conducive thereto, all this in the broadest sense.


Annual accounts

The annual accounts of the Mapcode Foundation can be downloaded here:

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