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Tools and downloads for developers

In this section, you can find tools related to mapcodes. If you are interested in technical details or source code of the map code system. Our developers section contains:

iOS and Android app

On Android and iOS mobile phones, you can use the Mapcode Finder app:

These apps are free of charge. They ​make use of our online Mapcode REST APIs. As these apps will be sending locations on Earth to our servers, please consult our privacy policy if you want to know more how we deal with such data. (In short: we use it to improve our services, but do not sell or grant access to it to other parties.)

Maven dependency

To use the Mapcode Java Library in your Maven project, add the following dependency to your Maven pom.xml file:


Source code, example code, and documentation can be found on our Java source code page.

Converting location to mapcodes and v.v.

We offer a cross-platform console tool, called mapcode, which is located in the utility directory of our C/C++ Mapcode library, for any OS you wish. You can find the utility here:

You need to compile this utility yourself on the platform of choice.

Using a spreadsheet to convert mapcodes

Instead of using a console tool to convert between locations and mapcodes, you can also use an Excel (Windows) or Google Docs to call our free mapcode conversion webservice directly.

For example, to convert a mapcode to a location, enter this formula in a cell:


This will convert the mapcode to location 52.460897, 5.1074585. To convert the location back to its mapcodes, enter this:


You can find an example spreadsheet here:

Google Docs offers similar formulae to work with web services. For a short manual on how to use the web service, click here.

Legacy tools

We offer legacy Windows tools for your convenience as well, although these will likely be deprecated at some point. The console tool mapcoder.exe can quickly convert coordinates into mapcodes or vice versa, a whole spreadsheet or database at a time. Full documentation is included.

For legacy's sake, the old console tool (version 1.50.1) is available in case pre-2.0 codes need to be decoded. We do not recommend using pre-2.0 codes, however.

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